About us

GATE Communications is a London-based boutique PR, Events and Marketing agency focusing on fashion, beauty, lifestyle brands.

Our work goes way beyond press releases, news snippets and claims of delivering results. We really get your target audience, we know who is your potential customer and how your brand should be presented to them. That is why our PR strategy consists of much more than media coverage and celebrity endorsement. We will create social media campaigns, we will do customized events for your brand to attract new clients. We will make sure your brand stands out. We are a boutique agency and we work with boutique brands. We understand the importance of tailor-made approach and a client-focused strategy.

What we do

Creative work:

  • Fashion show production
  • Website design and creation
  • Lookbook production
  • Video content/social media content
  • Shooting of campaigns and promotional materials

Media work:

  • Editorial placement
  • Press release writing and distribution
  • Media appointments
  • Celebrity/Influencers endorsement
Contact us

Write us a message and let's talk about your project.